Only four BMW 7 Series 40 Jahre coming to Australia

BMW 7 Series 40 Jahre

BMW recently announced its celebratory 7 Series 40 Jahre edition, in the same vein as its M3 30 Jahre.

However, BMW also announced that Australia will be getting the four-decade-old limo. It’s likely to turn it from a celebration of luxury to one of exclusivity, as Australia is slated to receive four 7 Series 40 Jahre.

Two of those four will be based on the 740i, powered by BMW’s 240kW/450Nm found in other -40i variants. These will set hopeful owners back $267,500, which is $39,400 more than a regular 740i.

BMW 7 Series 40 Jahre door frameAnother will be the 750i 40 Jahre, with a 330kW/650Nm 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 under the hood. This one will cost $336,500, while any other 750i would be a $294,000 buy.

Lastly, at the top run of the 7 Series ladder, sits the BMW M760Li xDrive. They’re usually a handsome $425,000, but the 40 Jahre version sports a modestly increased price tag of $443,500.

Still, a 448kW/800Nm twin-turbo 6.6-litre V12 isn’t a bad thing to have when you’ve got that kind of cash to burn.

BMW 7 Series 40 Jahre rear seatsThe differences between the regular 7 Series and the 40 Jahre versions are almost entirely aesthetic, such as the extra badging and interior upholstery stitching, but the 740i and 750i also gain a few things that were only standard on the M760Li, such as comfort seats in the rear and M Sport Brakes.

In addition, all four 40 Jahre units are finished in Frozen Silver metallic, with 20-inch ‘V-spoke’ light alloy wheels, and a Merino leather interior with black and white upholstery, piano black trim, and a white Alcantara roof lining.

BMW Australia CEO Marc Werner says the special editions will show up on our shores at the end of 2017.

BMW 7 Series 40 Jahre interior“BMW Group Australia is extremely proud to be celebrating 40 years of our 7 Series flagship,” says Werner.

“The latest generation has been well-received by Australian media as well as consumers, its combination of innovative technologies, high specification levels and traditional BMW driving experience driving it to segment leadership in 2017.

“We cannot wait to see the 40 Jahre Edition in the metal towards the end of the year.”

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