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MOTOR is proud, but sad, to present our ‘goodbye to the Commodore’ issue, as we’ve worked hard to bring you 60 extra pages of Aussie Holden content.

It’s hard to do justice to 69 years of Holden manufacturing some of the best cars Australia has produced, but we reckon our look back is a good way to farewell the Aussie car.

So, without delay, here’s your look at our November issue.


LION KING – THE END OF AUSSIE HOLDENS:  It’s the end of an era as we celebrate the Aussie Commodore.

10-best-performing-commodores.jpgLION’S PRIDE– OUR LAST AUSSIE COMMODORE DRIVE: Not every Holden Commodore has been great over the 39-year lifespan, but these 10 sure were. We gather the icons together for one last blast.


MEET MR. COMMODORE – ROB TRUBIANI AND THE ZB COMMODORE: Holden’s lead dynamics engineer, Rob Trubiani, explains why you’ll want to drive the new ZB Commodore. Then we have a turn.

Mark-Skaife.jpgLEGENDS IN THEIR OWN RIGHT – OUR NON-COMMODORE FAVOURITES: Football, meat pies, kangaroos, and Holden cars. We pick the best five cars from the Aussie General not to wear the Commodore badge.

Mark-Skaife.jpgTHE MAN WHO BLEEDS RED – MARK SKAIFE INTERVIEW: One of Holden’s most influential drivers and figureheads, Mark Skaife, opens up about racing and road cars.

NISMO-400R-&-R43-R-Tune.jpgIMMORTAL COMBAT – NISMO GT-R R33 400R VS NISMO GT-R R43 R-TUNE: Rarer than hen’s teeth and faster than bats out of hell, Nismo’s 400R and R-tune are ultimate GT-Rs.

The-Garage-BMW-M140i.jpg The-Garage-Toyota 86.jpg First-Fangs.jpg2018-Jeep-Trackhawk-review.jpg Geek-Speak.jpg

AND MUCH MORE – GARAGE UPDATES, REVIEWS, AND TECH TALK: We keep you up to date with the latest news, the nitty-gritty of living with our long-term Toyota 86 and our M140i, plus get into a Trackhawk, a GTSR, and Nissan’s new(ish) 370Z NISMO.

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