The Liberty Walk Works Ford Mustang is an aggro Pony

If you like your cars stock-as-a-rock, this is certainly not for you.

If you like your cars to look – dare we say – tasteful or elegant, this is still not for you.

But if you want everyone to look at you everywhere you go then step this way, Liberty Walk has just the thing for you.

This is the Liberty Walk Works Ford Mustang, and it’s just about as brash as a modern ‘Stang can look. Without strapping a wing and an enormous blower to it, that is.

Of course, as with any true-to-form LW project, bolt-on wheel arches and low-hanging lips and sills give the car an aggressive image that would surely be shattered at the first sign of a speed bump. Or a driveway.

Liberty Walk, based in the city of Nagoya, Japan, is known the world over for making cars look about as unusable as possible, and usually the design turns away the purists in an instant.

Liberty-Walk-Works-Ford-Mustang-side.jpgBut in LW terms, this one’s pretty restrained, and with a USD $6800 (AUD $8750) price tag for the kit, or AUD $ 6380 for the toned-down version without canards and wheel arches, the price isn’t too far out either.

As should be expected, there’s also an air-suspension option for just over AUD $10K, but we’re not sure how far you’d want to go with ‘toughening’ up the ‘Stang. It’s already pretty tough as it is, and sacrificing capability for style isn’t really the MOTOR way.

Then again, a quick glance at the Liberty Walk yard on Google Street View reveals that capability might not be at the forefront in sunny Nagoya.

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