Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate nabs a Nurburgring record

We love a fast wagon at MOTOR, and the Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate has just endeared itself to us a little more.

Despite the fact it’s something we aren’t able to buy here in Australia (we’re limited to the still-awesome sedan), its 450kW 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 and claimed 0-100km/h run of 3.5 seconds still make it something to get excited about.

And now we know it can lap the Nürburgring Nordschleife Circuit in 7:45.19.

Mercedes says its use of the ‘Ring during the development of its AMG models means that they’re already quite well suited to the Green Hell.

Nine Nurburgring Kings

“It comes as no surprise that the Performance Estate showed off its most dynamic side in the super test of sport auto magazine on the Nordschleife Circuit.

“Optimal fine tuning on the extremely demanding "Green Hell" of the Nürburgring is part of the development programme of every model at Mercedes-AMG.”

Its 7:45.19 makes it marginally slower than the fastest front-driver around the ‘Ring, the current Honda Civic Type R, which ran a 7: 43.8, but faster than the fastest SUV, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV, which ran a 7:51.7.

Given that the sedan is marginally faster than the wagon (and a little more dynamically oriented), we expect it to take the fight to the fastest four-door around the Nürburgring, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and its 7:39 lap time.

Though Mercedes doesn’t often partake in Nürburgring lap record attempts (this one was undertaken by German mag Sport Auto), it’d be interesting to see just how quick a factory-backed attempt could be.

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