Stock Ford 2018 Mustang GT runs 12 sec quarter mile

With only the factory Ford Mustang Performance Pack fitted, a 2018 Mustang GT has run a 12-second quarter mile.

It ran a 12.02 to be exact (so we can safely call it low 12s) at 188.25km/h.

With 1848kg to haul down the strip, including driver, fuel, and everything else on board, the Pony has made a big jump in performance.

It was still wearing its stock rubber, a set of Michelin Pilot Sports at 30psi, and was fitted with the new 10-speed auto.

2018-Ford-Mustang-GT-rear.jpgIt’s the basic-spec car, or a 300A pack car, but it still has the same 5.0-litre naturally aspirated Coyote V8 pumping out 343kW and 569Nm, which is 37kW and 39Nm more than the current (or soon to be previous) Mustang GT which MOTOR has become so well acquainted with.

At Performance Car of the Year 2017, we managed to extract a 13.38s across 400 metres, crossing the line at 176.61km/h.

But as the guys at Late Model Restoration who ran the 12sec run found, a couple of changes can draw an extra couple of tenths out of the ‘Stang.

driver-2018-Ford-Mustang-GT.jpgThey removed the passenger and rear seats, and the exhaust resonator, and swapped some Mickey Thompson Front Runners onto a new set of Weld RTS drag wheels.

They also added an aftermarket oil separator and some lower SVE springs.

The result was a couple of tenths shaved off their original 12.02 run.

It also means the Late Model Restoration guys are claiming to have the world's fastest naturally aspirated 2018 Mustang GT run, though at this point it’s only early days…

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