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Fredric Aasbo reveals new Toyota Corolla iM drift monster

The Formula Drift driver unveiled his new slide machine in an Initial D inspired video

Audi Sport boss slams Drift Mode

Don’t expect Audi RS models to feature forced all-wheel drive drifting

2017 Porsche 911 GTS review

Put simply, this is the best of the ‘normal’ bunch

2017 Audi RS3 sedan review

New engine and a boot for Audi’s updated rocket

Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e to be a ‘guaranteed success’

Crewe confident in two-seater coupe concept

2017 Ferrari California T HS review

Cali T sharpens up for harder-driving owners

HSV GTSR W1 custom plates selling for six-digits

Dropped a couple of hundred thousand on a W1, but still have too much in the bank account? Step this way…

Ford GT breaks record for fastest standing mile

American tuner M2K Motorsports thrashes the Texas Mile in a 2006 GT

Supercars get F1 livery makeovers

US designer gives road-going cars the liveries of their F1 counterparts.

9 Fast Gas Guzzlers

You’ll never spot a cobweb in the fuel flaps of these thirsty four-wheelers.

Aston Martin: “We’ll keep V12s, manuals”

British luxury car maker will continue to cater to hardcore enthusiasts

Shelby Mustang owners sue Ford Motor Company

Owners claim ‘track-ready’ marketing untrue after Mustangs allegedly overheat

Audi TT RS top speed autobahn run

This guy must have been in a real hurry to get to the Flughafen.

Why Aston Martin boss inspected first 1000 DB11s

Aston CEO Andy Palmer explains the method to his madness

Aston Martin reveals future product plan

Seven cars in seven years for revitalised British luxury maker