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VIDEO: 13 year old rally super-kid scares passenger silly

Finnish teen rally prodigy takes woman on a petrifying ride through the woods

VIDEO: Twin-turbo V6 for 2015 Honda NSX

Honda’s latest NSX mule has been filmed lapping the Nürburgring Nordschleife, reaffirming the upcoming supercar will be powered by a twin-turbo...

New Falcon XR8 teased in video

New video offers best look yet at Ford’s new V8 hero car


The legendary Mini has been immortalised in LEGO with the release of a brick-built version

Subaru masters the art of car advertising

Subaru takes the driver enjoyment approach to selling cars

Prius sets most boring Nurburgring 'record' ever

Toyota has managed to make the world’s most exciting racetrack seem deathly dull by setting a fuel economy record

Lamborghini Aventador at Phillip Island

So rarefied is the Lamborghini Aventador’s air that only now has MOTOR managed to get its mitts on one

Alfa Romeo 4C first drive

MOTOR slides in Australia's first Alfa Romeo 4C


Toyota in the United States has come up with a heavy-hauling publicity idea that’s literally come out of the clouds.

Formula One hits Jersey Shore

Grand Prix ace David Coulthard has taken a promotional hot lap of the streets of New York in last year’s championship winning Red Bull Formula O...