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Performance Car Podcast BMW Australia CEO Marc Werner

An on-the-road chat with the man heading BMW Australia

Bugatti test driver tells of 400km/h Veyron crash

Video interview uncovers previously untold story of horror Bugatti crash

2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 teased

Official ‘trailer’ from Ford reveals a big bad pony is coming in 2019

BMW M5 breaks two drifting world records

Eight hours and 374.2km of sliding resulted in two records broken by Bavarian four-door

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 Winner: Mustang Motorsport MM-R727

All hail Australia’s fastest aftermarket-enhanced Mustang

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 2nd place: Harrop Supercharged GT

When too much excess is never enough

2018 Performance Car of the Year contenders

Ten cars duke it out for bragging rights as the best performance car of the year

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 3rd Herrod Compliance Pack

Mundane by name, monster by nature

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 5th Tickford 360 Power Pack

More than the sum of its aftermarket parts

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 6th Harrop Mustang GT

Naturally aspirated grunt proves a winner

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 4th place: Streetfighter SFP II GT

Proving that sometimes less really is more

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 7th place: Mustang Motorsport EcoBoost MM-R350T

Turbo Mustang gets a grip on track work

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 8th place: Tickford EcoBoost

Breathing life into Ford’s four-potter

Ford Mustang Hot Tuner 2017 DNF: Streetfighter SF700S

‘Entry-level’ performance with a big difference

Base Kia Stinger scores 3 stars from ANCAP

A lower level of safety equipment has led ANCAP to give lower scores to base Stinger models