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Audi RS7 Performance Acceleration Testing

Insane pace from Audi's 445kW/750Nm missile

Best Sounding Car of 2016: Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2

The Lamborghini Huracan takes the best sounding car title while the Ford Focus RS claims the best drivetrain of 2016

Hot Tuner 2016 1st place: Hi-Torque Nissan GT-R

The turbo-spool noise you get when you tickle the throttle is manic, evil and lovely

VIDEO: Hyundai i20 WRC passenger ride

Flat out through the forest with Kiwi star Hayden Paddon

Hot Tuner 2016 2nd place: Harding Performance VW Golf R

It felt like there were two engines, such was the mid-range oomph from just two litres

Skyline GT-R powered M3 unleashed

Adelaide drifter builds RB-powered E92

Hot Tuner 2016 3rd place: Herrod Performance Ford Mustang

The Herrod package really does move the Ford Mustang into another league

The official F1 2016 Season Review is amazing

Highlights and lowlights recreated in 1980s video game style

Ken Block drifts London

Full footage of LeBlanc and Block’s smokey London tour

Hot Tuner 2016 4th place: BWA Auto VW Golf R

The BWA Golf R manages 11sec quarters in perfect comfort and with perfect manners

Hot Tuner 2016 5th place: Hennessey Streetfighter Ford Mustang

It’s difficult to convey the sheer amount of top-end rush these modern, blown V8s have

Hot Tuner 2016 6th place: VCM Performance Mercedes-AMG C63

The VCM Performance boys have built a grand tourer with manners, grace and pace

Hot Tuner 2016 7th place: Hi-Torque Performance HSV Senator

Make no mistake, the Hi-Torque Senator is much more than a straight-line warrior

Gran Turismo Sport looks incredible

Latest GT release sets a new visual standard

100 BMWs trashed in US train crash

Carnage as car-carrying train derails in South Carolina