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BMW 1M: Sweet Dream

For when you want an M2, but hot hatch is life

Nissan Pulsar GTI-R: Sweet Dream

Baby ’Zilla returns with a WRX-sized appetite

Kia Stinger V8: Sweet Dream

Missing our V8 sedans? In a perfect world, South Korea would have the answer

Sweet Dream: Mazda MX-5 SP

Putting a rocket up Hiroshima’s roadster

Sweet Dream: Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA

Historic racer inspires new breed of super sedan

FPV Mustang: Sweet Dream

The official supercharged Ford Mustang that didn’t quite make it

Sweet Dream: BMW M4 CSL

Our vision for the ultimate road-going M4

Sweet Dream: Subaru WRX STi 23B

New STI? Nah. Subaru, it’s time you built an Impreza more like this

Sweet Dream: BMW M8

Beneath its eco-credentials the i8 is a proper supercar. We give it the mumbo it deserves

Sweet Dream: HSV Grange W1

We feel like HSV’s long-wheelbase Grange never quite got the send-off it deserved

Holden Commodore SV6T: Sweet Dream

A final boost for our home-grown hero

Mazda 6 MPS: Sweet Dream

War wagon the perfect platform for a brand revival

Sweet Dream: Rolls-Royce Wraith GT3

Can anything be made into a GT3 car?

Sweet Dream: Ferrari F12XX

You can’t improve on perfection. But you can make it faster

Porsche 928: Sweet Dream

Stuttgart’s front-engine, rear-drive comeback coupe