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2017 Toyota 86: 5th place $0-$50K

The Drift king, Toyota 86 is not quite BFYB royalty

2017 Toyota 86 long-term update 1

We welcome Toyota’s budget rear-driver to the MOTOR long-term garage

2017 Toyota 86 TRD review

Dealer-fit accessories sharpen up the 86’s chassis

Toyota Yaris GRMN specs revealed

400 of the 1135kg hatches will be built, and will sell in the UK for more than an Audi S1

2018 Toyota Supra: what we know so far

Turbo V6, 300kW, rear-drive: Toyota’s halo car is coming

Toyota Australia will sponsor Rally Australia

As the brand re-joins the battle for 2017, Toyota Australia will also sponsor the final round

9 weird and wonderful interiors

These unforgettable cockpits were either oh-so-right, or oh-so-wrong

Toyota 86 breaks longest drift record

South African journo drifts for almost six hours using Toyota’s budget rear-drive slider

Limited edition Toyota 86 announced

New orange paintjob, bigger brakes and tuned dampers for limited-run 86

Opinion: Motoring journalists should own cars

Because you probably wouldn’t listen to a Chef who doesn’t have a kitchen.

Opinion: Dishonest badges are taking us for a ride

If a car has a GT badge, does that automatically make it the sport version?

1490kW Toyota LandCruiser is world’s fastest SUV

The ‘Land Speed Cruiser’ is a factory-backed, 370km/h performance 4x4

Covert Victoria Police operation nabs speeding motorists

TV show Highway Patrol has confirmed that police will go covert to clock you over the limit

Toyota 86 scores quad-turbo V12

Someone over in the UAE got a little carried away with the turbos and cylinders on their 86…

Fredric Aasbo reveals new Toyota Corolla iM drift monster

The Formula Drift driver unveiled his new slide machine in an Initial D inspired video