Tyre Test

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MOTOR Tyre Test 2016

Finding the best high performance tyre in Australia

MOTOR Tyre test 2016: Slalom

Testing the tyres' lateral grip to its extreme

MOTOR Tyre Test 2016: Dry Braking

How quickly can our chosen tyres halt proceedings?

MOTOR Tyre Test 2016: Motorkhana

Cone course tests every aspect of a tyre's performance

MOTOR Tyre Test 2016: Lateral G

How much grip can each of our contenders generate?

MOTOR Tyre Test 2016: Wet Braking

Do any of these tyres slip up in the slippery stuff?

MOTOR Tyre Test 2016: The Verdict

A worthy winner sweeps the board in all categories

Tyre Test 2016: Bang For Your Bucks

Which tyre offers the best performance for the least outlay?