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Datsun 240Z sleeper has a BMW M3 engine

David Fettell’s Zed is a resto-mod delight for fans of fast things and chrome bumpers

Used V8s and V10s galore: Classifieds of the Week

There’s no replacement for displacement in this week’s round up of ads

Opinion: Car features that are bad in practice

A case of not seeing the forest for a few neat trees

2018 Honda Civic Type R vs 1989 BMW E34 M5: new vs used

When you have the budget for a PCOTY winner, but classics are life

Geek Speak: LIFT suspension

Brits are lifting the bar by radically rethinking the traditional suspension setup

Opinion: Evolution is making cars less fun

We are seeing the disappearance of another feature - the fog light

R34 GT-R Nür, HDT Aero, Diablo, Escort RS Turbo, E34 M5: Classifieds of the Week

Rarities and future classics up for grabs online

1985-1991 Renault 5 GT Turbo: Fast Car History Lesson

The genesis of Renault’s fast front-driver legacy

Opinion: We should be paying attention, not fines

The road toll is increasing, suggesting what our authorities are doing is not working

2017 HSV GTSR final drive

HSV’s future is now clear, so for the last time we drive the final example of its Aussie-built past on road and track

HSV GTSR W1: Performance Car Podcast

Discussing the greatest performance Commodores of all time

The Inside Story: HSV's Brave New Era

The future of HSV, by and large, is up to these two men - Tim Jackson and Ryan Walkinshaw

Building HSV's GTSR W1

Before the lights are turned out we enter HSV's inner sanctum to follow the build of a future Aussie halo car

Lotus Europa, FPV GT 40th, Ferrari Testarossa, Evo VI, Alfa GTV6: Classifieds of the Week

Five cars line up to vie for your dollars in this week’s collection of classifieds

HSV ZB Commodore VXR: Sweet Dream

If we can’t build ’em, we can at least make ’em faster