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PCOTY 2016: Mazda MX-5 #8

A knife to a gun fight, perhaps, but what a knife!

PCOTY 2016: BMW i8 #9

The future of performance isn’t quite as bright as the present

PCOTY 2016: Peugeot 208 GTi 30th Anniversary #10

Has the sizzle the base car should’ve had to begin with

PCOTY 2016: Ford Falcon XR8 #11

Fan favourite severely off the pace in this company

PCOTY 2016: Good and bad design

5 design heights - and 5 frights

PCOTY 2016: Behind the Scenes

Once again, Cockburn's annual crossword sojourn is spoiled by cars, company and cameras

2015 Outright Winner: Ford Fiesta ST

All hail the return of the king.

Bang For Your Bucks 2015: $50-100K

The trope quality over quantity has never been more apt. There may only be eight contenders in the $50-100K category, but it's a world-class field.

$50-100K: BMW M135i #1

Ball-tearing 1 series the hottest hatch of all

$50-100K: Ford Falcon XR8 #2

Fan favourite slides into second spot

$50-100K: Renault Sport Megane RS275 Trophy R #3

Track-tearer clean sweeps judges' votes

$50-100K: Volkswagen Golf R #4

Master of all trades

$50-100K: Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG #5

Fast and furious quasi-SUV

$50-100K: Audi TT #6

Sharp looker now a sharp steer as well

$50-100K: BMW 228i #7

Surprisingly fast, but not fast enough