IT'S WAR: Fastest cars in the west go wild!

The Antilag car club in Western Australia has released a video of its recent ‘Race Wars’ speed event, where the (unlikely) winner reached 272km/h in a standing kilometre run.

More than 4000 people descended on Wyalkatchem (why-al-catch-em), 200km north east of Perth, and turned the small town’s airstrip into a temporary 1000m drag strip.

Exotic machinery including a Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren 12C, and Ford GT, mixed it with Japanese screamers like the Nissan (R35) GT-R and home grown muscle cars from Ford and Holden.

Cars raced side-by-side, and the fastest time of the day was recorded by a relatively humble Falcon F6, running 272km/h at the finish.

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