8 Tips For The Perfect Drift

8 Tips For The Perfect Drift

Aussie drifting champ Beau Yates lets rip with some expert-level tips to get you sliding away 

Aussie drifting champ Beau Yates1. Use a handbrake tug to initate the slide at low speeds (dip the clutch if you need to), or a Scando Flick for high speeds, and inertia will swing the tail. 

Perfect drifting 12. Anticipate a lot of initial countersteer. Inducing the ideal oversteer angle that allows the outside rear to grip up takes a bit of practice.

Perfect drifting 23. If the laterial inertia in the rear drops off, handbrake stabs (with thumb on button) can be used to induce more sliding angle.

Perfect drifting 34. Beau uses ‘big chunks’ of throttle, rather than dramatic steering input, to maintain the angle of the drift and to adjust trajectories. 

Perfect drifting 45. Always look towards the direction you want the car to go. Lightly depressing the clutch can straighten the car if it gets away from you.

Perfect drifting 56. The art is balancing throttle and inertia to counteract the deceleration caused by lateral rear tyre grip. Momentum is key.

Perfect drifting 67. Beau uses a lot more foot braking than you might expect, mostly to induce more angle when entering tightening corners.

Perfect drifting 78. When recovering from the slide, roll out the throttle. Sudden lift-off can cause snap-recoil, throwing the car in the opposite direction.

Perfect drifting 8

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