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2008 Mitsubishi Evolution X vs Evo VI TME vs Evo IX on track: classic MOTOR

The last iteration of the Lancer Evolution doesn't need to answer to anyone except its ancestors

2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X first drive review : classic MOTOR

Lancer Evo X ups the grunt and refinement, but it mixes fat with the fit

2007 Mitsubishi Evo MiEV review: classic MOTOR

With as much torque as a GT Falcon, Mitsu’s electric Evo is high voltage

Mitsubishi 3000GT: Fast Car History Lesson

High-tech Mitsubishi too clever for its own good

Mitsubishi EVO VI review: Classic MOTOR

Driving Mitsubishi’s EVO VI is an unforgettable experience. Actually owning one would be an incomparable joy

Subaru WRX STi vs Mitsubishi Evo IX vs HSV Clubsport review: Classic MOTOR

STi vs Evolution IX, but can HSV’s Clubsport keep pace on the road, drags, dyno or track?

Mitsubishi teases ‘e-Evolution’ ahead of Tokyo Motor Show

Legendary Mitsubishi badge revived… but for an SUV?

Best value used performance cars

How have our former BFYB racetrack weapons held up on the used market?

Drift-spec Mitsubishi Legnum gets sideways

Fast wagons are cool. Fast wagons drifting? Even cooler.

BMW M3 CSL v Porsche GT3 RS v Mitsubishi Evo VIII v Lotus Exige: Classic MOTOR

We grid up an awesome foursome of the hottest factory-tuned road and track racers

Seven-second Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX

Greece-based tuner claims it has the world’s fastest Evo IX

‘New’ 2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX MR sells for $173,000

With nine miles, or 14.5km on the clock, this pristine Evo sent the internet mad

Top 10 performance cars of the 2000s

2000-2009 turned out to be a cracker decade for performance cars

Mitsubishi sets Evo X replacement timeline

Mitsubishi COO keen for performance Evo successor, but there will be a wait

9 Rare Turbo AWDs

You don’t need a WRX or an Evo to have a turbo, all-paw weapon