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1 of 1 manual Porsche 991 911 GT3 RS

Someone has finally decided to give his RS the ‘box Porsche wouldn’t

2018 BMW M2 Competition on its way

Powered-up baby M car under development

Ex-police Holden Commodore VT scores an LSA

This 388rwkW Commo gives no visual sign of being an SS eater

Turn 10 reveals first 167 cars for Forza Motorsport 7

The next big racing simulator has a list of over 700 vehicles, and now we’ve got a taste

BMW M8 GTE unveiled after successful testing

BMW plans to enter the car in Le Mans during next year’s FIA WEC

BMW Z4 now a better-value Mazda MX-5

Original Z4 plummets to old MX-5 pricing

Baby Driver’s Subaru WRX getaway scene is epic

This is probably the best driving scene we’ve seen recently

Holden twin-turbo V6 Supercar engine test

Lowndesy jumps in the Triple Eight Sandman for a run with the new twin-snail… and it sounds good

2018 Holden Commodore VXR revealed

Holden reveals the sportiest model in its new imported Commodore range

Toyota Yaris GRMN specs revealed

400 of the 1135kg hatches will be built, and will sell in the UK for more than an Audi S1

One-off 522kW Lister Le Mans for sale

The Jaguar tuner turned auto maker only turned one convertible XJS into a Le Mans. This is it

Mercedes-Benz debuts new hybrid straight-six

S450 and S500 will get hybrid in-line engines which match the older V8s’ outputs

V8s galore at Shannons Melbourne Winter Classic

July auction estimates smashed as big bucks were paid for big motors

Performance Car Podcast: Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint

DC and SN are joined by a very special guest in the final V8 Falcon

2018 Buick Regal GS images leaked

2018 Buick Regal GS images leaked