Pulsar is Nissan's new star

Nissan knows the value of a name and a great price tag. The Japanese car company has taken the wraps off its comeback kid – the Pulsar along with its sporty sibling the SSS hot hatch.

Nissan boss Bill Peffer announced that Pulsar will hit Aussie shores in February next year with the SSS following about 100 days later.

While the more sedate Pulsar in ST ST-L and Ti form will get the naturally aspirated 1.8-litre four, the SSS variant will boast a 1.6-litre turbo-charged direct injection DOHC four cylinder engine good for 140kW and 240Nm. Transmission comes in the form of a six speed manual or CVT.

The last time you could buy a new Pulsar was back in 2004. And Nissan is milking the nameplate nostalgia angle big time by pointing out that the despite nearly 10 years passing the price of a Pulsar is still $19,900.

That’s for the base model though. The Ti with a CVT will set you back $28,990. We reckon the SSS will have to come in at about $30,000.

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