Hi-tech Hyundai sculpture lights up Milan

Hyundai has released a highlights video of its dramatic ‘Fluidic Sculpture in Motion’ light sculpture, installed at Milan Design Week earlier this month.

Using 3D scanners, lasers, music, dance, and 12,000 translucent spheres, the dynamic sculpture registers body heat, to allow visitors to interact with the work, and create light shapes using gestures.

According to Suk-Geun Oh, head of Hyundai’s Design Centre where the installation was created, “The light sculpture introduces Hyundai’s aesthetic language to audiences in the form of interactive performance art. It is inspired by the formation and transformation of the natural world.”

Mr Oh adds, “Hyundai designers pay tribute to the aesthetics of nature’s free-flowing beauty to build cars that are more than just products, with refinement and values of an artist creating a work of art.”

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