EXCLUSIVE: Ford FG X Falcon XR6 Turbo in detail

Here is the best look yet at Ford’s upcoming FG X Falcon, thanks to images exclusively obtained by a keen-eyed MOTOR reader in the Northern Territory.

The images show the new XR6 Turbo in detail, including a first look at the new car’s interior. Unfortunately for Ford fans, bar some very minor trim changes on the dash, instrument cluster and seats, it appears identical to the outgoing FG II.

Ford is, however, expected to update the Falcon range with its latest ‘SYNC’ connectivity programs.

Exterior styling has already been revealed, but these images give us our best look yet at the styling as a whole. The front features Ford’s polarising new corporate face, with a large trapezoidal grille and hockey stick-style LED daytime running lamps.

At the rear, the Jaguar XF-inspired taillight treatment sits below a redesigned spoiler which now incorporates the eye-level taillight. A chrome strip spans almost the width of the boot and there are new badges and a slick new alloy wheel design.

It must be said that this car is a pre-production model and therefore potentially not 100 per cent representative of the final product. However, given the car’s launch is mere weeks away, it seems likely that what you’re looking at is what will land in showrooms in late November.

Let us know what you think of the final Falcon.

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  • I reckon it'll be a weapon in a straight line and a total bargain given the ex-FPV bits it'll have in it. We'll have to wait to see what Ford's done with the FG suspension, which is getting pretty old. But I suspect, given budget realities, it hasn't changed that much, meaning the newer VF will retain its handling advantage. But hey, haven't driven it yet, so happy to have my worries proven wrong!
  • Front end's not bad. From behind it looks like a Camry
  • Hmmmm I thought Ford might do more for the interior - hopefully they spent the money on the chassis instead
  • poor ford i was thinking about buying one of these but now i think i will buy an fg instead
  • What? How is it any different?