2016 HSV GTS: the fastest Aussie car ever

It's official: HSV's Gen-F2 GTS is the fastest standard Austrailan production car we've ever tested.

HSV claims 4.4sec 0-100km/h for its 430kW/740Nm range-topper, but this manual example managed 0-100km/h in 4.31sec and a 12.37sec quarter mile at 188.32km/h. 

On drag strip timing, which includes a one-foot rollout, that would result in a 12.1-12.2sec quarter mile run, which is seriously fast for a big Aussie four-door. 

2016 HSV Gen F2 GTSOf course, we've tested the GTS plenty of times before - including this very car - but a combination of perfect weather and good track conditions during a recent comparison test allowed the GTS to reel off its best-ever numbers. The full numbers are below.

0-10km/h - 0.27sec
0-20km/h - 0.67sec
0-30km/h - 1.04sec
0-40km/h - 1.45sec
0-50km/h - 1.80sec
0-60km/h - 2.24sec
0-70km/h - 2.62sec
0-80km/h - 3.32sec
0-90km/h - 3.78sec
0-100km/h - 4.31sec
0-110km/h - 4.87sec
0-120km/h - 5.79sec
0-130km/h - 6.52sec
0-140km/h - 7.29sec
0-150km/h - 8.10sec
0-160km/h - 9.20sec
0-170km/h - 10.27sec
0-180km/h - 11.39sec
0-190km/h - 12.59sec
0-200km/h - 13.86sec

0-400m - 12.37sec @ 188.32km/h

You can read the full comparison test against the Lexus GS F and Mercedes-AMG C63 S in our latest issue, on-sale July 7.


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  • @Dasha you better believeit
  • @OzHSV and then you woke up
  • Utter ********
  • @reaility ... and then she turns in beautifully and then out like a slingshot clinging to the asphalt all the way - just ask anyone who knows how to drive these things - but no, I wouldn't put it the hands of a novice.
  • until it reaches a corner and then....
  • @Dasha... huh? Try again...it is a "Standard Australian Production Car" from HSV....nothing misleading about that.
  • @Dasha HSV comes off the Holden production line with this LSA engine and has to meet all new car requirements so how isn't it?
  • I swear like my 370 will chop that **** yeah
  • @Fenno no both with everything off. The first one with some throttle finesse, the second a second-gear celebratory clutch dump
  • The GTS is not a 'Standard Australian Production Car' Modified post production by HSV. Misleading to crab head lines.
  • Heathcote left lane for that free 4mph....
  • I guess that the first one was with the driver aids on and the second with it off?