James Brock slams Brock telemovie

James Brock slams Brock telemovie

James Brock, stepson of the late Peter Brock, has delivered a scathing review of Channel 10's two-part mini series Brock.

In a statement made public on his Facebook page, James Brock described the first part of the telemovie as "D-grade trash", saying "there was no need for embellishment or distorting of the facts". You can read the full statement below.

The first half of the show aired last night (Sunday, October 9), attracting 1.3 million viewers nationally, with the conclusion to be shown tonight (Monday, October 10). 

James Brock FacebookIt's been a controversial production, with Brock's second wife Michelle Downes last week claiming she would sue Channel 10 if certain aspects of their marriage were "glossed over".

Brock was also hampered by Channel 7 refusing to allow production company Endemol Shine the use of historic race footage, leading to a plea from producers to fans in an attempt to replace the missing footage.

James Brock is the son of Peter Brock's long-term partner Beverly Brock from a previous marriage. He followed his father's footsteps as a race driver, competing in V8 Supercars, V8 utes and most recently the Australian GT Championship.

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  • Yes very bogan. The Harry Firth and also The Dads character not wanting a Ford parked outside. Infantile dialogue along with making Mr Perfect appear too cool and more like a wild Tommy Lee rock star than the self centred narcissist he actually was. Aside from being a "D" grade effort in movie making it was very much the Bulls--t Beverly Brock expected. I'd never bought into the media hype and fan adulation that surrounded Peter Brock and felt it very ungracious towards other drivers more talented. Talking about drivers like Spencer Martin, Neil Allen and Kevin Bartlett and others. Actually Warren Weldon was offered the Holden dealership drive before Brock but stayed loyal to Bert Needham Studebaker dealer. The Bathurst races his reputation was built upon is a team effort and the best funded teams usually win it. Other than Brock I can't recall any other driver jumping into a second car after their first failed. He did it twice. Talking him up to be head a shoulders above everyone else became a media habit. After his death I recall journalist Gary Wilkinson exaggerating his achievements saying he'd raced a NASCAR. He didn't although Bob Jane had prepared one for him. He'd backed away concerned for his reputation unlike Dick Johnson and Alan Grice. Then there was the boast of a six lap finish over everyone else. So everything being equal can anyone imagine that today ? When half of the field will do a lap around Bathurst within a second of each other ? In the beginnings of the regular V8 supercar championship he didn't stand out above Johnson, Bowe, Seton, Perkins, Jones, Longhurst, Skaife or the rest as the cars had become more equally competitive.
  • Glad I didn't see it. Sounds like it was one of the 'wrongest' things ever.
  • Fairly typical Ozzy tv portrayal of the facts. Fairly average. Love "the Goose" talking about the New Torana with 170 hp and 1700 ftlb of torque...must have been a Mack truck engine....Timelines all over the place, missing many vital years of Baffurst. 71 etc. Glossed over any Chrysler involvement, they were right up their with Beechey and Geoghans. I was waiting for the Goose to tell Brocky..."Kick in the Gutz Brocky". I can understand the Brock family being annoyed. I wonder what Phil Brock thought, after presenting "The" trophy on Sunday with all smiles and joy. I wonder whos smiling now?.
  • Yes James. Not the best movie I've seen. For example, the 1987 victory was not announced until days or weeks after the event. I would have preferred ore docu and less drama. I doubt very much that Moffatt wore bike goggles when he was driving the GTHO! There's no way that the producers were going to find look-a-likes for Brock, Moffatt, Perkins and others. That's going to be the case for all docudramas. It's a crying shame that GMH split from Brock resulting in the end of Brock Commodores. That's probably the one area where the Polariser polarised.
  • Aaand you click on the link to watch the ABC Brock family documentary made after his passing, only to find that the video is no longer available due to the age and time available for downloading has expired. Follow the directions to the ABC shop to purchase the right to download, all to no avail, can not find it anywhere. They do have some other Brock programs though. Still, not what I was after.
  • Totally disappointing. Main actor just nothing like PB and never felt like you were watching him. No offence to the guy, he just had no resemblance.