Dodge planning wild Challenger Demon

2018 Dodge Challenger Demon

Dodge is planning arguably the craziest US muscle car ever made, and Hollywood actor Vin Diesel appears to have inadvertently shown it to the world.

Dubbed the Challenger Demon, the car is based on the wild 527kW Hellcat but around 90kg lighter, possibly more powerful and with a host of upgraded components including new brakes, wheels, seats and body panels.

Dodge has set up a website for the car called ‘If you know you know’ (whatever that means) and is releasing a series of 12 teaser videos in the lead-up to the Demon’s debut at this year’s New York Motor Show in mid-April.

However, it seems that Vin Diesel might have possibly rained on its parade. During a Facebook video of Diesel thanking crew on the upcoming Fast and Furious 8 film, a pair of pumped up Challenger bodyshells sit in the background and it appears these are Demon prototypes.

While we can’t be sure, careful examination of Dodge’s latest official teaser video, which you can see below, shows the new bonnet scoop, five-spoke wheel design and flared wheel arches to be consistent with the cars in Diesel’s video, while there also appears to be a Demon badge on the front guards.

If this is the case – and it certainly seems likely that Dodge would want to place its halo muscle car product in one of the world’s biggest movie franchises – then we suspect ol’ Dominic Toretto will be receiving a firm rap on the knuckles, as it’s rather undone Dodge’s carefully constructed PR plan.

Unless, of course, the Diesel video was part of the elaborate plan? We’ll bring you more news on the Demon as soon as we have it.

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