1 of 1 manual Porsche 991 911 GT3 RS

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‘Florida man’ is usually what you read at the beginning of a news story about something bizarre happening.

Here, however, it’s the beginning of a brilliant feat of motoring enthusiasm, passion, and know-how.

One Porsche GT3 RS owner in the states wanted his car in manual, but Porsche wouldn’t do it. So, he found a workshop in Florida that would.

BGB Motorsport has become the creator of the only manual Porsche 991.1 911 GT3 RS.

To make room for a six-speed manual ‘box from the 911 R, the PDK and all peripheral gear (paddles, etc) found themselves being pulled from the Lava Orange porker.

The owner of the car, Robert Janev, posted about it on a Porsche owners’ forum under the title ‘The car Porsche didn't build, but I did!’, and it went ballistic.

It was so widely picked up that someone even changed the Wikipedia entry for the Porsche 911 GT3 RS to read:

“The transmission is PDK only (with the exception of the rare 1 of 1 worldwide manual owned by Robert Janev and assembled by BGB Motorsports).”

In a report from US outlet Road and Track, BGB says the total cost for the swap was US $45,000 (AUD $56,850).

Among the forum posts are a few comments from Janev on why he underwent this, aside from just to have the car in manual.

“I hope the outcome out of all this is for Porsche to stop playing games with its customer base,” he writes.

“A lot of the guys on these forums have been loyal Porsche customers and enthusiasts long before Caymans, Cayennes and Macans etc.

“I am a fan [of PDK], seriously. I get technological progression and performance figures. But if I'm spending $$$ on a GT3, I would like the option.

“I grew up dreaming of owning and driving manual 911s, not automatics! Don't tell me what’s better for me, give me the option to choose.

“Three pedals all day!”

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