This Holden VF Commodore wide body kit is wild

Holden VF Commodore wide body kit news

Ever wanted to make your Commodore stand out from the crowd? This’ll do it.

Whether you like it or not, you might start seeing VF Commodores wearing this, the Tech9 Auto Armour wide body kit.

The Melbourne-based outfit has sold kits to fit the current MY17 Ford Mustang, but the next item on the menu for Tech9 is more local.

Built for both SV6 and SS, the kit is made in Melbourne from “high grade lightweight fibreglass and finished in UV protected grey gel coat.”

Tech9 also says it’s working on versions for HSVs, as well as a ute and wagon kit for the VFII “due to popular demand”.

HSV GTSR final drive

It even has a VE kit in the works.

“All prototypes have undergone hundreds of hours in research and development and all tested directly on the vehicle.”

It widens the front bumper and arches with a 30mm flare, while the back gets extended and widened by 40mm.

The company says it’s designed to sit over the existing bodywork, but recommends having professionals actually perform the installation.

The 10-piece kit for the Commodore costs $3300, but doesn’t come with the lip-spoiler pictured. It’s also only available for pre-order, so we’d guess they’re not ready to ship out just yet.

Okay, so it’s not for everyone, but it’s not as aggro as the 75mm which is added to the Mustang via one of their 6-piece kits. That one also costs $3300, by the way.

Oh, and please note, if you do decide your Commodore needs a wide body, that you aren’t required to slam it.

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