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Tyre Compare Australia

[SPONSORED] Tyres are traditionally a ‘bricks and mortar’ business; that is, if you need tyres you go to the nearest tyre shop, get sold whatever brand they have in stock, at whatever price they want to charge.

But what if there’s another tyre shop - let’s call it Harry’s Tyres - a bit further down the road that sells the brand that you prefer and at a better price? Up until now, you have had very little visibility of the inventory and prices of Harry’s Tyres.

Even Google can’t tell us what Harry has in stock, because Harry doesn’t have a website. The best technology we’ve had to date has been the Yellow Pages which means you’d have to trawled through listing after listing until you find Harry’s Tyres, call his number and hope he’s not too busy to pick up.

“There’s got to be a better way.” This is what Matt Banks thought when he founded TyreCompare.com.au

TyreCompare is a platform that allows independent tyre shops like Harry’s Tyres to easily upload their inventory so that their stock and great offers can be found online.

“The independents can often offer great deals due to their lower overheads,” Matt explains, “plus they don’t need to charge extra for shipping because they already have the tyres sitting in the shop. Fitting is also included in their pricing.”

By utilising the existing inventory of bricks and mortar tyre shops, TyreCompare can easily save you around $100 by eliminating the expense of shipping and fitting that some of the other online tyre sellers are charging.

If you are looking for your next set of tyres, give TyreCompare a spin.

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